Tungsten electrode grinder OrbiGrinder 230 V

  • If you notice during TIG welding that the arc is extremely restless or ignites poorly, then you should take a closer look at your TIG needle. If it looks worn, is dull or even makes a porous impression, it does not always have to be replaced immediately, but it must be reground. But since the malfunctions mentioned are often only caused by incorrect grinding of the welding needle, you should not make any compromises and grind your TIG electrodes professionally - with the professional electrode grinder OrbiGrinder 230V from OWT.

If various pipe segments are to be perfectly connected to one another - for example for the chemical and food industries - tungsten inert welding, or TIG welding for short, is the method of choice. The torch, which is guided mechanically and orbitally around the fixed workpieces, produces extremely clean weld seams. Probably the most important contribution to this is made by the tungsten electrode - which is often also referred to as a TIG electrode or simply as a welding needle. In order to ensure professional TIG welding at all times, these electrodes should, as already indicated, be professionally ground regularly.
Readjust quickly and safely – with the tungsten electrode grinder

Although manual grinding with a grinding stone or angle grinder is also widespread in practice for TIG electrodes, every specialist will advise you against it and recommend grinding the electrode with a tungsten electrode grinder - and so do we. Investing in our OrbiGrinder 230V is definitely worth it, because it enables error-free work, which means that you will continue to achieve excellent welding results on a regular basis. Its replaceable diamond grinding wheel, coated on both sides, is driven by a continuously adjustable 230 V electric motor, which you can optionally order with an integrated battery. The electrode grinder can be customized to electrode diameters from ...

  • 1.6mm
  • 2.4mm
  • or 3.2mm

to be set up. For each format, it fully ensures the correct beveling of the electrodes in the longitudinal direction and in standard 30° angles.

If you have any questions about our tungsten electrode grinder or its professional use, we will be happy to answer your questions - as well as on all topics related to the field of orbital welding


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