OrbiCut Rotation


Tube sawing made easy? With and for us no problem at all. If an employee regularly has to cut a lot of pipes and would like to pre-set them or perform other tasks, we offer the right support with our OrbiCut Rotation. In this case we combine our pipe saws of the OrbiCut series: OrbiCut130, 230, 330 or 520 with the rotation: OrbiCutRotation = this results in a pipe saw including an automatic drive. By pressing the Saw On button, the drive is energized via the socket mounted in the lower part of the housing. Do not forget to set the required time (information sticker with orientation data, is attached to the side of the housing). After that you can switch on the drive and plunge the saw blade into the pipe and by pressing the Start button, the automatic sawing process is started. Subsequently, the rotation automatically guides the drive including the saw blade once around the pipe and stops, the saw switches off. Here is an overview of the other various functions: Manual = this button can be used to manually move the drive to the desired position on the pipe and then use the rotary control: speed to set the speed of the feed - this of course works depending on the material and the wall thickness of the pipe to be sawn.


Left Right = with this toggle switch the direction of rotation of the OrbiCut rotation can be controlled. When used for sawing pipes, the RIGHT direction of rotation is recommended - if this device is also used for chamfering, please set it to LEFT. Generally, we combine the pure drive of the rotation (OrbiCut Rotation housing drive), with the associated drive shaft - depending on the pipe saw: suitable for the OrbiCut130/230/330, or else the OrbiCut 520 - due to the size of this pipe saw and the increased scope, the associated larger and heavier pipes, this drive has a little more power.

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