Pipes and their edges, i.e. the pipe ends, often have to be machined again after the sawing process and brought into a certain shape so that the (orbital or general) weld seam to be applied afterwards can be laid perfectly. The challenges to the pipe material and also to the weld seams themselves, can be different and depend on the field of application (e.g. beverage or pharmaceutical industry or pipeline construction etc.) - in any case, the connection of the two pipe ends must be ideally together on these bases and in some cases also withstand tests. The preliminary work with our pipe saws, in combination with our pipe end processing device: OrbiBeveling offers the perfect equipment for this. The OrbiBeveling can be attached to our pipe sawing series: OrbiCut 130/230/330 and thus with the base on our pipe saw and with the respective suitable technical addition, different operations can be done (sawing and chamfering). This device removes thin layers of pipe material reliably and quickly, with consistent stability and quality. Various accessories are available for the OrbiBelveling chamfering device, such as: milling bodies for the seam geometries: 30°=V-seam and 10°=tulip seam. The special booster and spring technology in it, guarantees a perfect final result, saves, thanks to the improved technology, time and material - so also a benefit for your company!

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