Open-frame weld heads OHW-series

The open-framed weld heads are clamped on one side next to the weld seam and are characterised by their very narrow clamping system. Whether OHW Special with angle drive or OHW with the range of application 10 to 330, as well as OHW AVC/OSC with the range of application 20 to 330 - we offer the suitable open-framed weld head for many pipe diameters. As a unique selling point, our newly developed OHW 330 sets itself apart from the others. It is made of aluminium, which keeps the weight manageable and ensures flexibility for the operator. In addition, we have revised the fastening mechanism and equipped it with a new clamping system (patent pending) - easy clamping guaranteed. The OHW 330 is the open welding gun with the currently largest range of application on the market. Both jaws are set to the pipe diameter to be clamped. One jaw remains fixed in one position. The opposite jaw is designed in such a way that it can oscillate in the respective clamping diameter. This jaw thus compensates for the out-of-roundness of the pipe to be clamped

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