214 215 A llg em ein e G esch äftsb ed in g u n g en G en eral Term s Con d ition s of B u sin ess 14 Right to withdraw from the contract The principal may only within the framework of the statutory provi sions of the contract withdraw from the contract if the contractor has performed a contractual breach in the event of defects how ever the statutory conditions remain effective In the event of con tractual breaches the principal must declare within an appropriate timeframe at the request of the contractor whether he is withdraw ing from the contract due to contractual breach or he insists on the delivery 15 Limitation of actions 1 The limitation of actions for claims and assertion of rights due to defects in deliveries services regardless of the cause in law is one year for new items and barred for used items This does not ap ply however for the cases specified in 479 S 1 of the German Civil Code BGB Right of recourse The time periods stated in clause 2 are subject to a limitation period of three years 2 Statute barred or limitation regulations in accordance with S 1 also apply to all claims for damages against contractors who are connected to the damage regardless of the cause of action of the claim Insofar as claims for damages of any type arise against con tractors who are not connected to the damage the limitation period stated in 1 S 1 applies 3 The limitation period regulations in accordance with S 1 and S 2 apply with the following provisions a The limitation periods in general do not apply in the case of intent b The limitation periods also do not apply if the contractor inten tionally misrepresented the defects by silence or if the contractor took out a guarantee for the conditions of the deliveries services If the contractor intentionally misrepresents the defects then in place of the limitation periods listed in S 1 the statutory limitation applicable to fraudulent intent apply 438 S 1 No 3 other deliver ies and 634a S 1 No 1 German Civil Code BGB Manufacture Maintenance Change of an item or Planning Monitoring Services and No 3 other services to the exclusion of the period extension for fraudulent intent in accordance with 438 S 3 or 634 a S 3 Ger man Civil Code BGB if no other exception is present in accordance with this S 3 c The limitation periods apply to claims for damages and not to cases of injury to life limb or health infringement of freedom claims for product liability gross negligence or breach of other significant contractual duties 4 The period of limitation for all claims commences upon delivery of the items and for services upon acceptance 5 Insofar as nothing else is expressly agreed the statutory terms and conditions on the commencement of the limitation period suspension of the statute of limitations the suspension and recom mencement of periods remain unaffected 6 A change of the burden of proof to the detriment of the principal is not connected with the aforementioned regulations 1 Allgemeine Bestimmungen Die nachfolgenden Bedingungen gelten für alle künftigen Geschäfte zwischen den Vertragsparteien Diese Allgemeinen Mietbedingun gen gelten ausschließlich Verwendet der Mieter eigene Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen gelten diese nur als der Vermieter ihnen ausdrücklich schriftlich zugestimmt hat 2 Mietdauer Die Mietdauer wird nach vollen Kalendertagen berechnet Wird die Mietsache an den Mieter versendet beginnt die Mietdauer mit dem Versand der Geräte an den Verwendungsort Wird die Mietsache am Geschäftssitz des Vermieters übergeben beginnt die Mietdauer mit der Übergabe Die Mietdauer endet mit dem Wiedereintreffen der Geräte bei dem Vermieter Eine Mindestmietzeit besteht nicht General Terms Conditions of Business OWT GmbH Co KG Allgemeine Mietbedingungen OWT GmbH Co KG 16 Recourse to contractor in accordance with 478 of the German Civil Code BGB Recourse to the purchaser against the seller in accordance with 478 German Civil Code BGB Recourse to the Contractor only ex ists if the purchaser has not come to any agreements with the seller resulting from the legal defects claims 17 Part performance Part performances are permitted insofar as they are considered just and reasonable by the purchaser 18 Offsetting The purchaser can only offset such claims that are undisputed and final 19 Place of jurisdiction The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this con tract is the residence of the contractor if the contracting partner of the contractor is the purchaser 20 Applicable law This contract is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Ger many to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Con tracts for the International Sale of Goods

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