Orbital Controller S7 Touch Comfort

  • 7 inch colour touch screen display integrated in a
    plastic case with a cable length of 10 m
  • Simple operator guidance by means of symbols
    (input of the outer diameter of the tube, wall thickness
    and choice of welding tool)
  • Monitoring of gas and water cooling
  • Tacking mode included
  • Division of the welding parameters into up to 12 levels
  • Automatic calculation - continuous or in step mode,
    according to the tube dimension and wall thickness
  • Modification of the parameters by the current-percentage key
  • The parameters current intensity and wire feed can
    be changed during the welding process by panel
  • Circular display of the welding process
  • Immediate documentation of the welding parameters
    in a PDF document
  • Any necessary additional information for a detailed
    documentation can be entered directly
    by means of the panel
  • Unlimited storage of welding programmes
  • Storage of target and actual parameters in a PDF
    document on USB
  • The welding programmes are saved by codification
  • Software updates possible
  • Monitoring of welding parameters
  • Connection facility for oxygen analysers
  • Servo PC board for wire feed
  • External DIN A4 printers can be connected
  • External dimensions of the basic case (L x W x H)
    600 x 210 x 340 mm, weight 5 kg
  • External dimensions of the operation panel
    (L x W x H) 260 x 228 x 80 mm, weight 1.5 kg
  • Multi-range 85 - 264 volt


  • Sm@rtClient-APP for I-Phone/Pad or Android
  • Remote maintenance by use of VPN connection
  • AVC upgrade kit
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